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  • Finished chalk painted metal bedHow to use Chalk Paint on Metal: Antique French Cast Iron Bed Makeover
    My first foray into chalk paint on metal was quite a success! I bought this beautiful cast iron antique French bed on eBay a couple of months ago for an absolute steal, but it was in a bit of a sorry state. Much of the dark green paint was chipped, faded or rusted, and it […]
  • ceramic poppy sculptureRemembrance Day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
    Remembrance Day is an important one in our family, with my Dad, Grandpa and Great Uncles all having served in the Armed Forces as well as generations before them, and many many friends too. My parents happened to be visiting, and we marked the occasion with a visit to the Poppy Wave installation at […]
  • dried hydrangeasHow to Dry Hydrangeas
    Knowing how to dry hydrangeas is quite a wonderful thing. They are so expensive to buy, and the idea of then throwing them away a couple of weeks later is very sad. Today I have blogged about how you can easily dry them out so you can keep them as a permanent enhancement of your […]
  • dog in autumnal woodAn Autumn Walk
    Autumn is in full swing right now as I’m sure you’ve noticed, and it is beautiful, so we took some time to to appreciate it today on an autumn walk. I don’t think I’ve ever lived anywhere with quite so many trees as this valley, and at the moment it is simply spectacular. […]